More Q ad A's

What about a staging service? 

a.  Yes, we do offer staging service.  We work with both realtors and individuals to create the perfect selling atmosphere. 

b.  The staging fees are based on the number of items, the number of rooms involved and how long the items are on location.  Email or call us for more details.

Is it possible to rent from your store, for special events?

a.  Yes, the item must be paid for in full and be returned, clean and in excellent condition.  

b.  The rental fee is 20% of the total cost for the first 24 hours and 10% for each additional day.  Upon return and inspection, you will receive a refund for the difference.

Do you work with costume and set designers?

Absolutely, we have in the past and will continue to do so.   If we, do not feel your item(s) will not sell in our store, we will always reach out to various set designers that may need certain period pieces.

Do you accept Returns?

All sales are final.

If you have any inquiries that we did not cover, please email or call

Thanks for being curious, 

Candice, Jordan and Dom



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